The Noritsu QSS-Green II Duplex DRY minilab is the high-speed all-in-one compact, high-capacity, and 12″ wide commercial photo printer.Engineered to meet the dynamic photo-imaging industry needs.The QSS-Green II is built to deliver amazing 1440 dpi high quality prints on a wider variety of sheet papers. Not only can it reduce production costs but also increase photo products offering. It is the most compact and high speed all-in-one duplex digital minilab in the market. The system is simple to use and the eco-friendly design is suitable for progressive retail environments – 4-color ink system, high print capacity of 950 prints per hour, and up to 3,800 prints without the need of replacing paper.With greater ease of operation, the QSS-Green II reduces setup and operating time – creating and maintaining a smooth and efficient workflow for retailers. All in a power-packed 11.6 sq. feet of space.